Circulation Department


The Circulation Department is the section of the Library responsible for the management of the Library Users’ data and activities. Our services include:

  • Issuance of Library Access/ID cards
  • Lending of Books and other materials
  • Recall of borrowed items
  • Charging fines/holds to library defaulters

Issuance of Library Access/ID cards

To get a Library Access/ID Card, potential users must obtain the Library Access/ID Card request form from the Central Access Services Desk. Fill the form and get endorsements from necessary offices, return the form to the Central Access Services Desk and collect their Library Access/ID Card in Three (3) working days. Potential users can also fill the Library Access/ID Card request form online and requst their referees to send the necessary endorsement letters to the Central Access Services by email on

Lending of Books and other Materials

Current University students, faculty, staff and retirees are eligible for direct borrowing privileges by obtaining a NAU Library Card. Privileges include:

  • Loan Period:
    • Undergraduates: Up to 2 weeks
    • Graduate Students, Faculty, Staff, and Retirees : Up to 4 weeks
  • Full access to databases, indexes, full-text, and other digital resources on- and off-campus.
  • Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, not registered for classes, but finishing up an incomplete class, senior paper, thesis, or research may apply for borrowing privileges by submitting an Application for Unregistered Students at the Central Access Services Desk.
  • Faculty may request proxy privileges for research assistants by submitting an Application for a Proxy to the Central Access Services Desk.

Alumni, Visitors, and Other Users

All users are welcome to use most materials in the library. To borrow Libraries' materials, alumni and other guests may:

Recall of Borrowed Items

Library users can request for the recall of any book or other items borrowed out to another user if there is urgent need of the item. The user who is then in current possession of the item will be contacted and given a period of three (3) days to return the book to the Library. This privilege is available only to the Library Premium Patrons.

Charging fines/holds to library defaulters

Overdue materials will be subject to overdue fines, replacement costs

Library users who fail to return borrowed items to the libraries will be subjected to pay overdue fines on return after the set time. If the Library user fails to return borrowed items after a 2 months from the date of borrow, replacement fines shall be issued. Replacement fines are equivalent to the current market price of the borrowed items. 

Students will be blocked from borrowing library materials when unpaid fines and fees reach N5,000 or more. Faculty and staff are blocked when unpaid fees reach N10,000 or more. Additionally users are blocked from borrowing when they have not responded to Library notices or have unresolved issues such as overdue materials, unreturned recalled books or address problems.
Refunds are given to replacement charges only for library materials returned within 3 months from the payment date.

Academic Holds

The Prof Festus A. Nwako Library places a hold on users’ academic records (meaning that students cannot register for University courses, get official or unofficial transcripts, or receive diploma) under two circumstances:

  1. When library fines are not paid
  2. When library materials are not returned

Holds on academic records are removed when library fines are paid and when library materials are returned. Please contact the Central Access Services with questions and concerns.