Departments & Services


User Services Department

The User Services Department functions as the Public Relations Section of the Library where patrons meet library staff for service provision. The department coordinates activities of the service units namely:

• Circulation Section
This section handles the registration of library users, loan transactions as well as the management of library shelves. It is located at the first floor.

• Reference Service Unit
This unit offers ready reference service as well as reader advisory services. It is located at the first floor.

• Short loan collection
• Sit- out reading Areas
• Science Reading Halls
• Art Reading Hall
• Faculty /Other Libraries
• Janitorial Unit/ Cloak Room

Technical Services Department

This department coordinates the processing of library resources from selection, ordering, acquisition, cataloguing and classification until the resources get to the shelf. The following sections of the library Acquisitions, Cataloguing, Serials and Bindery make up the Technical Services Department.

Acquisitions Section:

The Acquisition section is in charge of selection and acquisition of information resources. It is located on the ground floor.

Cataloguing Section:

This section of the Technical Services Department takes charge of cataloguing and classification of library books and ensures that books on the same and related subject areas are arranged and kept together on shelves.

Serials Section:

Serials section acquires and organizes serials such as journals and other periodicals for use. It is located at the first floor

Bindery Unit

This Unit repairs damaged books. This is located on the basement. ​

Africana and Special Collection Department

Africana and Special Collection Department which comprise of textbooks written on Africa by Africans and non-Africans, newspapers, conference proceedings, theses, inaugural lectures etc. The department primarily caters for the research needs of members of faculty, postgraduate students and external users/researchers. The department coordinates activities of these service units. These are:

Africana Section:

This section collects publications on Africa written by Africans and non- Africans.

Archives Unit

Archives Unit takes care of the newspapers and institutional publications that could be consulted by library users. This is located at the basement.

Project/Theses unit

Digital Library:

This section is located at the annex. It offers ICT driven library services especially offline and online access to electronic resources as well as ICT training. The Digital Library was established to promote e-learning in the university. It provides internet driven services such as the use of electronic resources. The University by practice subscribes to scholarly rich databases.